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WOGOM - World Goods Marketplace is a cloud-based platform for local and international business entities to connect and work in symbiosis for the greater good of smooth conduct of business.The purpose is to allow them to grow and engage in growth-supporting activities by providing them with the ecosystem they need and connecting them with each other such that they share values and benefits, lifting themselves up in the process. WOGOM unites all, be it individuals, sellers, buyers, entities, demand fulfilling agents, and other business entities using technology as a medium, helping them fulfill their business needs and objectives. It is a movement that changes the way businesses will be conducted with the revolutionizing technology on board.
You can register with your mobile number and OTP. Once you have put the mobile number and OTP, registration process will start. Being a B2B platform, the only requirement to register with WOGOM is that you own or work at a business or a shop.
The registration process can be completed by entering the Shop name, Owner name, Address, GST/Pan Card, phone number and email ID. On verification and confirmation from WOGOM, you will be able to access the services.
On registering with WOGOM.COM, retailers are given the privilege to access the platform which renders support and assistance to view the products, place orders, and experience hassle-free and secure payment modes for the purchases.
You can buy / sell / trade on WOGOM using WOGOM Website and Android App. If you are a new buyer you can discover selection through various mode on the Website and Android App.
You can simply click the 'Buy Now' button to buy the shown product. Once you have pressed the Buy button, you need to select the quantity of available variants or sets of the product. The product will be added to your cart.
MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity. MOQ is set by sellers and can be different for different products / listings. A buyer needs to purchase at least the mentioned MOQ to continue the trade.
MOV stands for Minimum Order Value. MOV applies at a single order per seller basis. Sellers put MOV to ensure a minimum business per order per buyer.
You can pay by cash once the order is delivered to you. There is provision to purchase the products on credit but it is available on few sellers. Please reach out to WOGOM Support to check if you can avail credit for your purchase(s).
As a buyer, you need not worry about arranging courier or any 3rd party couriers to pickup and deliver your order. WOGOM Logistics arranges for the order to be picked up.
As a buyer, you are liable to pay for the courier services. Please check the Review Order Page to get an estimate of the logistics charges. You can also refer to the  to understand cost to courier goods between different parts of India.
Courier charges are required to be paid along with the payment for the order to the seller. You can check the shipping / logistics charges on the order page.
It depends on where the seller is shipping from and what is the buyer's location. Usually, interstate deliveries take anywhere between 7-10 days while within the state can happen within a week.
You can see all your orders in 'My Orders' screen.
You can track the status of your order from My Orders page. Click on any order to see it's details.