About Wogom


World Goods Marketplace WOGOM is a cloud-based platform for local and international business entities to connect and work in symbiosis for the greater good of smooth conduct of business.
The purpose is to allow them to grow and engage in growth-supporting activities by providing them with the ecosystem they need and connecting them with each other such that they share values and benefits, lifting themselves up in the process.
WOGOM unites all, be it individuals, sellers, buyers, entities, demand fulfilling agents, and other business entities using technology as a medium, helping them fulfill their business needs and objectives.
It is a movement that changes the way businesses will be conducted with the revolutionizing technology on board.

What is WOGOM?

WOGOM is a cloud-based platform that provides a catalytic environment for the smooth operation of various business entities. The entities WOGOM caters to are Brands, Hubspots, Retailers & Consumers.We integrate and synergize them such that they function in unison simultaneously. Apart from the traditional model that divides all business entities, our model seeks to unite them, giving them the environment to function seamlessly.


How WOGOM values oneness

In order to strengthen its foothold in the economy, an organization needs to collaborate with other organizations. When done right, this opens countless possibilities for growth with the advantage of resource sharing. It is like traveling individually yet collaboratively, which opens doors for businesses to work for the benefit of each other by filling any gaps.

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    Businesses struggle with varied setbacks that can be due to lack of resources, skilled manpower, monetary power, geographical disadvantages, lack of consumer base, limited product portfolio, economical disadvantages, or any other disadvantage.

  • Collaborate


    Covering vast distances becomes easier with collaboration compared to traveling alone. It is crucial for businesses to collaborate, which is made possible by WOGOM.

  • Grow


    WOGOM aims to globalize local business entities. Expand globally with WOGOM's top-notch technological support and seamless platform.

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Why do you need WOGOM?

Problems faced by businesses

  • Money Flow

    Money Flow

    With the traditional model, businesses face monetary problems. The root cause for this is the absence of an ecosystem that could enable business entities to work together in a cooperative environment.

  • ROI


    Return on investment is not high for most businesses under the traditional model. It is due to a limited scope for conducting business under a conventional model.

  • Environment


    The current business environment separates business entities from one another, not allowing them to fully realize their capabilities that is one of the primary reasons why it is dissuading for businesses.

  • Functionality


    Without the aid of technology, businesses lag when compared to tech giants who leverage their technology to execute their business operations for strategic advantage.

  • Marketing


    Scope for marketing is limited since there are lesser resources and limited reach due to lack of support.

  • Restricted entry


    With the E-commerce giants and locally dispersed modern businesses dominating the business environment, it is restrictive for small or newly established business entities to operate or enter into the market for starting a business.

  • Omni Channel

    Omni Channel

    It will work on omni-channel retail strategy that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience.

  • Experience

    Experience Icon

    The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a bricks and mortar store and the experience would be seamless.

Traditional v/s WOGOM Model

Traditional Model WOGOM Model

What will they get?

  • Assets 1

    Allows a productive environment for business entities

  • Assets 2

    Return on investment is better

  • Assets 3

    Higher possibility for money rotation

  • Assets 4

    Productive environment that supports and integrate entities

  • Assets 5

    Better reach

  • Assets 6

    Integrates business entities and helps them leverage their gap

Our Mission

A forest is an ecosystem of trees working in synergy with one another directly or indirectly. Just like a forest, a market is full of old and new businesses. The only difference is collaboration. WOGOM's mission comprises the following things:

  • Unite businesses to increase their capabilities

  • Provide support to enable performance delivery improvement of business entities

  • Provides them an environment for global expansion

  • Improve workforce capabilities with training and development initiatives for the entities involved

  • Assist in the improvement of customer experience thereby providing for more and more customer retention


Our Vision

WOGOM's vision is to become one of a kind and fastest growing cloud based environment for business entities to enable them to conduct their business better. The following are the key points that better describe its statement:

  • Providing the best technological architecture possible for sellers

  • Expand locally to all channels possible to unite entities and become completely hyper local

  • Become the best platform known for rendering quality services

  • Engage in rural immersion projects and uplift local businesses


Benefits Offered

WOGOM intends to create a marketplace for sellers and buyers alike by providing a platform where they can easily trade. WOGOM intends to bring global to local and local to global by following a hyperlocal model. The following are the values proposed by WOGOM:

  • Increased technological support aiding for superior functionality and effecient workflows

  • Reduction in costs from effecient workflows

  • Increased margins for business entities

  • Know your customers better with analytics support provided by WOGOM

  • Shorter payback periods which can attract potential investors

  • Increase reach with qualitative marketing support provided by WOGOM

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